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Quid 14
Quid 14

CONTENTS: Rod Smith, ‘A Poem’; Marianne Morris, ‘The Abused Become the Abusers: The Poetry of Barry MacSweeney’; Jeff Hilson, ‘2 Stretchers’; Sean Bonney, from Filth Screed; Keston Sutherland, ‘The True, the Good, the Beautiful and the Baghdad Central Detention Centre’; Stuart Calton, from United Snap Up; Keston Sutherland, ‘Dildo Ode’.


£1.00, 2004/10

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This is the untruth facility common to the majority of aestheticians at least since Schiller, those white men for whom the concept of possession (and self-possession in particular) is inducted by a sleight of sentiment into aesthetic equivalence with real or reconciled or authentic life itself.  Real life is real when we own it ourselves: we are told this: it is a dictum rented to us.  And owned/real life is the opposite of alienation.  But what of my desire not to own my life?  I want you to own me.  Is it perverse or in some degree neurotic to believe that my life would be better if I could own less rather than more of it?  Is it, that sweet word, apathetic not to care about owning it?  Well might you be frantic to ask: is this the masochistic sublimation-speak of the Ahnlehnungstypus feigning ignorance of even the most basic economic concepts and their significance for non-economic existence?  Mucking about?  I want you to own me.

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